Prince Puzzle (2011)

Hankuk: 왕세자 실종사건
Show dates: September 1 – 21, 2011
Duration: 95 minutes
Venue: Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul
Writer: Han A Reum
Director: Seo Jae Hyeong
Music: Hwang Ho Jun

The musical revolves around a crown prince who went missing in the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) and people related to the disappearance including the king, queen, court lady Choi, chief eunuch Ha, eunuch Gu-dong and queen’s handmaiden Ja-suk.While investigating the prince’s disappearance, it turns out that Gu-dong and Ja-suk had left their places. Choi presses to discover why, but finds that Ja-suk is pregnant with the king’s baby. Meanwhile, the envious queen suspects a relationship between Ja-suk and Gu-dong.

Kang Ha Neul as Eunuch Gudong
Kim Daehyeon as Eunuch Gudong
Lee Jisuk as Handmaiden Jasuk
Jung Mun Song as Chief Eunuch Ha Naekwan
Im Jul Su as Chief Eunuch Ha Haekwan
Tae Kuk Hee as Ji Sanggung

5th Musical Awards: Best Small Theater Musical

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