Black Mary Poppins (2012)

Hankuk: 블랙메리포핀스
Show dates: May 8 –  Jul 29, 2012
Runtime: 110 minutes
Venue: Daehakro Art One Theater 1, Jongno-gu , Seoul
Writer/Director:  Seo Youn-mi
Music & Lyrics: Seo Youn-mi
Producer: Kim Su Ro

Four children survive a massive fire, saved by the nanny Mary. What is the secret they’re hiding?

Black Mary Poppins is based on the case of 1950’s house fire at the mansion of Dr. Grantschen Schwartz, a well-known psychologist in Germany. Destroying not only the house but all the occupants, the fire became the talk of the town and left a deep impression in people because Mary Schmitt, Dr. Schwartz’s research assistant and nanny of the 4 adopted children, threw herself into the fire to save the children.

As Mary goes missing the next day and none of the children can remember what happened that night, the fire seems to be settled as a simple house fire for the time being. However, there is a testimony that makes Mary’s alibi questionable and  people becomes suspicious of Mary as the murderer. Borrowing from the storybook published at the time, people referred to this case as the ‘Black Mary Poppins Case’.

12 years passes and the case is forgotten in the minds of people, and the 4 children are are adopted by different homes.
One day, the children receive a secret book belonging to Dr. Schwartz, sent by Detective Walter, the sole purser of the case who happens to have recently been mysteriously murdered.

Hans –  Jung Sang-yoon/Jang Hyun-duk
Herman – Jeon Sung-woo/Kang Ha-neul
Ana – Lim Kang-hee/Song Sang-eun/Jung Woon-sun
Jonas – Kim Dae-hyun/Yoon Na-moo
Mary – Chu Jeong-hwa/Tae Guk-hee



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