Twenty (2015)

Korean title: 스물
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 115 minutes
Language: Korean
Release Date: March 25, 2015

Director: Lee Byeong Heon
Producer: Jeong Hoon Tak
Production: A M Tree Pictures
International Sales:  Contents Panda

Kim Woo Bin as Chi Ho
Lee Jun Ho as Dong Woo
Kang Ha Neul as Kyung Jae
Jung So Min as So Min
Jung Joo Yeon as Eun Hye
Min Hyo Rin as Jin Joo
Lee Yu Bi as So Hee

Chi Ho, Kyung Jae and Dong Woo are best friends who’ve just graduated from high school and turned 20. Chi Ho is an unemployed player living in the moment and whose number one priority is dating and chasing women. Kyung Jae is a goody-two-shoes university student whose goal is to get accepted at a corporate job; he’s extremely shy around girls, but completely transforms when he gets drunk. And happy-go-lucky Dong Woo dreams of becoming a cartoonist, but when his family goes bankrupt, he’s forced to become the breadwinner and take on several part-time jobs. (cr. Wikipedia)

Korean Film Actors’ Guild Awards: Best New Actor: Kang Ha Neul
Korean Film Actors’ Guild Awards: Popularity Award: Kim Woo Bin
15th Korea World Youth Film Festival: Favorite New Actor: Kang Ha Neul
The Korea Film Actors Association Awards: Best New Director: Lee Byeong Heon





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