Midnight Runners (2017)

Korean title: 청년경찰
Genre: Action, Comedy, Youth
Running Time:
Language: Korean
Release Date: 9 August, 2017
Filming dates: November 11, 2016 – February 23, 2017
Director: Kim Joo Hwan
Producer: Lee Jun Woo
Writer: Kim Joo Hwan
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment

Kang Ha Neul as Kang Hee Yeol
Park Seo Joon as Hwang Ki Joon
Seong Dong Il as Professor Yang
Park Hae Sun as Junghee
Bae Yoo-Ram – Jae Ho

Forget the sense of duty and justice!
Two apathetic police academy recruits who become best buddies through the tough training together witness a woman being abducted right before their very eyes. As they were taught in the academy, they quickly report the incident to the police, but the police are in no hurry to jump on the case. So the duo decide to take the matter into their own hands and rescue the woman.  (Cr. Lotte Entertainment)

37th Korean Assoc of Film Critics Awards: Top 10 Films
37th Korean Assoc of Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor: Park Seo Joon
54th Grand Bell Awards: Best New Actor: Park Seo Joon




Congratulations on being the 4th highest-grossing South Korean film in 2017!




October 11, 2017

Midnight Runners in Figures

October 19 October 18 – no data October 17 October 16 – no data October 15 October 14 October 13 – no data October 12 October 10 – 11  No data available October 9 October 8 October 7 October 6 October 5 October 4 October 3 October 2 October 1 September 30 September 29 September 28 September 27 September 26 September ... Read More »

October 11, 2017 0


September 25, 2017

Review: Midnight Runners

Midnight Runners is about the good and bad implications of youth. The basic premise of Midnight Runners is two police cadets witness a kidnapping and they do their best to save her. Along the way, they uncover an egg ... Read More »

September 25, 2017 0



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