Forgotten (2017)

Korean title: 기억의 밤
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Running Time:
Language: Korean
Release Date (S.Korea): November 29, 2017
Filming dates: March 11 – June 8, 2017
Director/Scriptwriter: Jang Hang Joon
Producer: Park Joon Sik
Production: BA Entertainment, MediaMaker
Distribution: Megabox PlusM, Kiwi Company

Kang Ha Neul as Jin Seok
Kim Moo Yul as Yu Seok

After moving into a new home, Yu-seok is brutally kidnapped by mysterious assailants. After he disappears, Jin-seok, Yu-seok’s younger brother who suffers from nervous breakdowns, begins to have hallucinations every night.

Miraculously, Yu-seok returns 19 days after his disappearance, and tells his family that he lost all of his memory due to shock. Jin-seok was glad to have his older brother back at first, but grows suspicious of him as he feels that something has changed ever since he returned. Jin-seok follows Yu-seok to see where he disappears to every night and faces a shocking truth.

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