Battlefield Heroes (2011)

Korean title: 평양성
Genre: War, Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 117 minutes
Language: Korean, Chinese
Release Date: January 27, 2011

Director: Lee Joon Ik
Producer: Oh Seung Hyeon
Production: Tiger Pictures, Achim Pictures
International Sales: M-Line

Jung Jin Young as Kim Yoo Shin
Lee Moon Sik as Geoshigi
Ryu Seung Ryong as Nam Geon
Yoon Je Moon as Nam Saeng
Sun Woo Su as Geoshigi’s wife
Lee Kwang Soo as Moon Di
Kang Ha Neul as Nam San

A.D. 7C, a rising kingdom in the Korean peninsula, Silla, attacks the biggest kingdom Goguryeo in alliance with Tang to unify Korea. Goguryeo has been the most powerful kingdom so far even threatening the Tang Dynasty in China. However, after the great General Yeon passed, his three sons confront each other on whether to become subject to Tang or keep their independence. Thanks to the old and wise Grand General Kim Yoo Shin, Silla had won in many wars. Natural-born-strategist Kim notices Tang’s ambition of conquering Silla after beating Goguryeo. While cooperating with Tang, Kim secretly conspires to join forces with Goguryeo to keep Tang off the Korean Peninsula. A great strategist and war hero, a war maniac with out-of-this-world weapons, and a private soldier who finds his real love in the enemy, now the extraordinary war you have never imagined begins. (cr. KOBIZ)




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