Kang Ha Neul promoted to “Private First Class”

Korean actor Kang Ha Neul’s hard work in training as military police officer has paid off as he was promoted from “private” to “private first class”. The upgrade came on the 2nd half of December 2017 which was approximately two months after the actor’s last promotion.

In a recent photo released by actor Choi Jeong-heon, a close friend of the actor, Private First Class Kim Ha-neul is seen looking dignified in his military uniform and sporting two black stripes on his left chest that signifies his new rank.

Kang Ha Neul started basic military training at the Nonsan training camp on September 11th. Completion ceremony took place on October 24th wherein he was  promoted from “recruit” to “private” and was recognized for his exemplary performance at the training camp.

A three-week military police training followed at the Army General Administration School at Yeongdong County, North Chungcheong Province. After that training, Kang Ha Neul was expected to be dispatched to the Capital Defence Command as part of the motorcycle unit in Seoul, however he was assigned to the Republic of Korea Army Headquarters in Gyeryong City, Daejeon instead. He is foreseen to be discharged on June 10th, 2019.

Meanwhile, mystery-thriller movie, “Forgotten”, which was Kang Ha Neul’s last movie before military enlistment is almost ending its successful run in Korea where it premiered on November 29th. The movie will be released internationally via Netflix in early 2018.


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