Kang Ha Neul is “Confidently and Cheerfully” Serving in the Military!

Cast members of recent film ‘Forgotten’ made a surprise visit to fellow actor Kang Ha Neul’s army base.

On December 10, actor Moon Sung Keun posted a photo on his Twitter.

In the photo, fellow ‘Forgotten’ casts―actor Moon Sung Keun, Kim Moo Yul and director Jang Hang Jun are smiling at the camera with Kang Ha Neul in his military uniform.

Along with the photo, actor Moon wrote, “Kang Ha Neul is confidently and cheerfully serving in the military. Short meet up with him prior to GV event in Daejeon.”

Kang Ha Neul enlisted in the military back in September, and is expected to be discharged on June 10, 2019.



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