‘Moving Story Maker’ Kang Ha-neul’s Recent Photo Released

Credit: Korea Army Training Center Official Website

Korean actor Kang Ha-neul’s recent picture was released!

Recently, a photo of Kang Ha-neul was released through Korea Army Training Center’s official website.

In the picture, Kang Ha-neul was doing a salute pose. He looked manly and confident, although he seemed to lose a lot of weight.

Kang Ha-neul entered Korea Army Training Center located in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do in September 11.

As Kang Ha-neul wanted to quietly enter the military, he did not hold any separate events for it.

The only thing he shared with his fans was a picture of his friends shaving his hair for him, and a short interview right before his enlistment.

After seeing his picture, netizens commented, ‘He looks like a commissioned officer, not an army trainee’, ‘He’s good looking and looks very manly’, and ‘He looks very tired’.

On the last day of the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ promotions, Park Seo-joon praised Kang Ha-neul and said firmly that Kang Ha-neul will make a lot of moving stories while he is in the army.

Kang Ha-neul will continue to receive basic military training at the camp and upon completion, he will serve as a military police officer for the Republic of Korea’s Capital Defense Command.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha-neul’s new movie ‘Recall the Night’ will be available in the theaters next month.


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