Kang Ha Neul`s Upcoming Film ‘Recall the Night’ Continues to Build Expectation with New Posters

Upcoming film ‘Recall the Night’ has revealed more teasers ahead of its premiere this November.

Recently, new posters of the two main lead — Kang Ha Neul and Kim Moo Yul — have been released. The new posters let fans see their closed-up faces, gazing straight to the camera. While Kim Moo Yul looks all fine, Kang Haneul comes up with not-so-well condition: scars on his nose, dry lips, and roughly shaved mustache and beard.

‘Recall the Night’ is a thriller movie, telling the story of Jinseok (played by Kang Ha Neul) who admires his older brother Yooseok (played by Kim Moo Yul), who is perfect to him. Yooseok is kidnapped and comes back 19 days later, but he doesn’t remember anything and turns into a different person. Jinseok struggles to reveal the hidden truth behind Yooseok.



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