Kang Ha Neul’s postal address in Nonsan

Kang Ha Neul at the Midnight Runners gala screening in HongKong, 28 August 2017

Why not write a letter to Sky during his basic training at Nonsan Army Training Camp? For sure, he would appreciate receiving your love, encouragement and support through your messages that he could read after a day of hard training!

For international fans, the only way to send your letter is through traditional snail mail. (Of course, there is a way to send him emails through the training center’s website but this only possible if you have a Korean phone number. Please email admin@kanghaneul.org for info).

Here is Sky’s mailing address:

Republic of Korea
Zip code: 33012
충남 논산시 연무읍 사서함 76-12호 육군훈련소
28교육연대 3교육대 9중대 3소대 9-121번 김하늘 훈련병 

Republic of Korea
Zip code: 33012
Army Training Center, 76-12, Yeonmu District, Nonsan City, South Chungcheong Province
28th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company, 3th Platoon, 9-121 Kim Ha Neul Trainee

Important reminders:

  1. This mailing address is valid until October 24 only!  If the letter arrives after that, Sky will not be able to receive it anymore as he will be deployed to the Capital Defense Command. The letters will not be forwarded to his next duty station.
  2. On mailing time, delivery of regular mail sent within Korea takes about 3-4 days. International mail will take twice/thrice as long. Please contact your local post office to ensure that your letter reaches Sky on time. Send by express mail, if possible.
  3. Address written in hangul is preferred. However, if you cannot write hangul, print the address and paste on the envelope. You could use both hangul and English addresses, if you wish.
  4. Only letters in regular-sized envelopes are allowed. No parcels, no registered mail (where recipient needs to sign), no gifts, no food please! Otherwise, Sky might get into trouble!
  5. For the letter to Sky, please write in hangul, if possible. However, since Sky knows English, you could also write simple/basic English. Be creative, original and encouraging in your messages.

That’s it! So, start drafting your message, mail it asap and make our Sky smile! 🙂

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Many thanks to ljubov for the address 😉


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