Kang Ha Neul Says Goodbye For Now, Expresses Excitement For Military Enlistment

Actor Kang Ha Neul is enlisting in the military today, September 11, to begin his 21-month mandatory service.

Kang Ha Neul made one last post on his Instagram, looking back on his 20s, bidding farewell, and expressing excitement for the two years to come, with photos of his new military cut given to him in a special ceremony of sorts by his close friends.

Here is Kang Ha Neul’s full message:

“When I was a college freshman, I met these friends. And when I was starting to become an old man in college, I met some young friends, too. Now I’ve known them for about 8 to 10 years.

“This is something I’ve thought since long ago: ‘When I enlist, I want my friends to each shave a line of my hair.’ And we did it. This was truly a memory that will last a lifetime. To my friends, thank you so much.

“I think this Instagram post will be the last one that I post in my 20s. Because I don’t post a lot.. and when I come back I’ll be in my 30s. I’m fully aware that 30 is not that old, but I’m trying to give a little meaning to this being the last post of my 20s. “Looking back on my 20s, a lot happened. Thinking of those times, not a single moment was wasted. It’s a collection of so many cherished moments. There were a lot of projects that I loved working on. There’s not a single one that I didn’t absolutely love, and that’s such a blessing.

Looking back, it gives me the strength to smile. I want to give a kiss to my filmography.

“Even now, I’m getting a lot of texts and calls from people that have always supported me and that worry for me. Please don’t worry. They say that the world is a reflection of your mood. If you’re joyful, then there is no doubt that joyful things will abound.

“A new environment, new people, new energy. I’m looking forward to it all, and I think it will be fun. I’ll spend a happy two years full of laughter, and I’ll be back. Right.. It’s not even two years anymore.. To everyone that knows me and everyone that I know, I sincerely hope that you spend the happiest days of your life! So, without further ado. Saying a brief goodbye to my cell phone, too..

“I’ll be back.”

Kang Ha Neul


By R. Jun


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