Park Seojoon and Kang Haneul`s [Midnight Runners] Showed a Promising Feedback on Its Premiere


‘Midnight Runners’ shows a promising start on its premiere date.

‘Midnight Runners’ hit the cinema on August 9th, and it has been receiving great feedback from viewers. On the day of its premiere, more than 300 thousands people went to cinemas to enjoy the movie. Not only that, as per August 10th at 10 A.M KST, the ticket reservation of ‘Midnight Runners’ took up 22.5% of the total movie-goers’ purchase.

Photo by Dispatch

‘Midnight Runners’ (Korean title ‘Young Cop’) is an action film directed by Kim Joohwan and starring Park Seojoon and Kang Haneul as the main cast. It tells a story of two Korean National Police University students, Kijoon (played by Park Seojoon) and Heeyeol (played by Kang Haneul) who witness a kidnapping and track it down.



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