Midnight Runners attracts 1 million moviegoers on its first weekend, surpasses 2 million viewers on 6th day

Police action comedy “Midnight Runners” has attracted 1 million viewers on its first weekend in the Korean box office, easily surpassing the 2 million viewers mark on the 6th day of its run.

According to the Integrated Screening Network of the Film Promotion Committee, as of Monday morning, August 14th,  Midnight Runners has reached 2 million admissions. The movie was released on August 9th.

“Midnight Runners” also recorded its highest ticket sales so far on Saturday with 517,598 admissions, where it was shown  in 1,058 screens across South Korea. Total admissions for Saturday and Sunday was 1,021,792 with 30.7% market share. It is currently enjoying the second spot at the Korean box office after the strong contender, “Taxi Driver”.

The popular summer flick was written and directed by Kim Joo Hwan and stars heartthrobs Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon. It tells about two police academy students who got caught up in a complicated kidnapping case. It is produced by Movie Rock and distributed by Lotte Entertainment.


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