Kang Haneul Smiling At IU During VIP Viewing of ‘Midnight Runners’

[Dispatch] Singer IU has shared a photo of her attending the VIP viewing of Kang Haneul’s new movie ‘Midnight Runners’ on her Instagram.

On her photo are the cast members of ‘Midnight Runners’ greeting the guests before the movie starts. Kang Haneul is in the center, smiling brightly.

IU captioned her photo, ‘Is this an eye contact? “Midnight Runners” Wook, I really laughed a lot watching the movie.’

Kang Haneul and IU starred together in SBS-TV drama series, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” as IU playing Hae Soo and Kang Haneul playing Wang Wook.

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