Kang Ha Neul shares his current feeling as the enlistment date approaching

Kang Ha Neul recently appeared on Radio Star and has been asked about his current feeling in entering the military soon. His answer surprised everyone!

This episode of Radio Star welcomed actor Kang Ha Neul, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, and actor Dong Ha.

Kang Ha Neul who is the ‘Heartwarming maker’, the ‘Heartwarming vending machine’ and Kim Gura even called him as the ‘heartwarming textbook’.

Kang Ha Neul will enlist on 11 September and has applied as the military police officer. Radio Star is his last talk show before enlisting. When being asked about his current feeling, Kang Ha Neul said: “very excited”.

Kim Gura said: “This is also heartwarming. When enlistment date is approaching but say exciting. This is really hard to achieve, you are exactly the heartwarming vending machine.” Yoon Jung Shin then said: “When you eat the first meal in the military, you will then cry.”

Actually Kang Ha Neul is so exciting to enter the military is because of the movie, Joint Security Area (JSA). Kang Ha Neul will be serving as the motorcycle military police which the main tasks are guarding and escorting. “I fell to the actor wearing the sunglasses when I was watching the movie, Joint Security Area (JSA). When I was a kid, I asked my father and he said that is motorcycle military police, then I during that time I already thinking about military service and must apply as the military police soldier.”

Not only that, many actors have delayed their enlistment, and Kang Ha Neul chose to enlist as his peak moment, he then said: “I think when the desire increased then you need to go to the military”.

Such a heartwarming Kang Ha Neul ><.

Photo source: Radio Star, MBC website, internet


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