Kang Ha Neul Gets Adorably Excited About Meeting Fan

On August 14, CGV shared photos featuring the stars of the film “Midnight Runners” greeting the audience at a screening on August 13. A photo of Kang Ha Neul from the event is gaining much attention.

The post shows Kang Ha Neul appearing very happy and bashful while greeting a fan. CGV wrote, “It looks like Kang Ha Neul is a fan of hers hehehehe.”

People have commented, “Kang Ha Neul is really cute,” “This is so funny,” and more.

Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon are currently busy promoting “Midnight Runners.” The film celebrated reaching over 2 million viewers today!

By K. Do


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  1. Haneul is genuinely nice to everybody and he always interacts with his fans..Congratulations again Haneuli…You will be blessed more coz you’re really a good person.

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