Interview: Kang Ha Neul On His Upcoming Military Enlistment

Korean actor Kang Ha Neul may play the role of a police academy recruit in his latest movie, Midnight Runners, but he’s also going to be a military police office in real life. The 27-year-old, who is in Singapore for the gala premiere of Midnight Runners at Golden Village Suntec City and a meet-and-greet session at Bugis Junction, talked about his upcoming mandatory military service on September 11 and his feelings about it.

“I’m really looking forward to being enlisted, just [being in a] new environment, and the new friends that I’ll be making,” he says. The actor will be serving as a security escort in the motorcycle military police, where they’ll be guarding important personnel. Kang Ha Neul also revealed that he counts riding the motorcycle as one of his hobbies, which not many people are aware of.

“I’ve been doing it for about eight years now, but I’ve made it very low-profile, so not many people know this about me.” As for why he likes it?

“It might seem cheesy to some, but I would say that there is a unique charm that riding a motorcycle gives you – like for instance, the wind that sweeps past you,” he admitted bashfully.

Midnight Runners, directed by Jason Kim (Koala [2013], Retriever [2016]), stars Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon as young police academy recruits who are polar opposites of each other, but ended up being best buds. After a night out, the duo unwittingly witness a teenage girl getting kidnapped. Seeing the case take a backseat due to red tape, the frustrated recruits take matters into their own hands by launching into their own investigation, leading to an action-packed night.

Besides the funny dialogue (some was actually improvised by Kang and Park!) and the adrenalin-pumping fights, fans can also look forward to plenty of topless scenes from the two hunks. Kang Ha Neul has nothing but praise for his co-star Park Seo Joon, saying that he has a “very nice and sculpted body”.

“Even though I really tried hard in that short period of time, I didn’t think I could actually get a body of that standard,” says the actor. When asked if he would like to be as swole as Park, Kang Ha Neul chuckled and gave a surprisingly relatable answer.

“I think it would be very tough. I just want to lead a comfortable life,” he laughs.

Seeing as this would be his last meeting with Singapore fans before his enlistment, Kang Ha Neul took the opportunity to gush about his fans here. “I’m grateful! Every time I visit Singapore, I receive such warm welcome and support, which I’m very grateful for.”

“Thank you lah! I love you lah!”


By Sophie Hong


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