Park Seojoon Said That Kang Haneul Cursed Quite Often While Filming [Midnight Runners]

Park Seojoon told media that Kang Haneul cursed more than he supposed to.
On July 25th, actors Park Seojoon and Kang Haneul attended a press conference of their upcoming film, ‘Midnight Runners,’ which is set to be premiered on August 9th. During the interview session, Park Seojoon was asked about Haneul’s scene which he cursed with his middle finger. To the question, Seojoon said, “Well, for the middle finger scene, I knew that he would do that, but I found that he did more as adlibs.” Hearing him, Kang Haneul quickly burst laughing out loud.
Seojoon continued, “At that time, rather than feeling offended, I found it funny. I even could not hold back to laugh for several times. I’m not thinking like, ‘This rascal is…’ and I have never been angry to him.”
‘Midnight Runners’ (Korean title ‘Young Cop’) is an action film directed by Kim Joohwan and starring Park Seojoon and Kang Haneul as the main cast. It tells a story of two Korean National Police University students, Kijoon (played by Park Seojoon) and Heeyeol (played by Kang Haneul) who witness a kidnapping and track it down.  
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