‘Midnight Runners’ Park Seo Joon-Kang Ha Neul, Main Poster Reveal…Set for August 9th Release

The main poster of ‘Midnight Runners’ has been revealed.

‘Midnight Runners’ has been set to premier this upcoming summer as a unique movie showing unique charms on August 9th in cinemas. Actors Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul’s delightful charisma is shown through the revealed main poster.

‘Midnight Runners’ is an youthful investigation action that tells the story of two police university students who formerly only had their youth and military books that get swept up in an investigation after witnessing a kidnapping.

In the revealed poster, the humorous expressions of Ki Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Hee Yeol (Kang Ha Neul) fully dressed in uniform is catching eyes while their vigorous and delightful investigation process is stimulating curiosity.

Previously only reacting first upon his desires, Ki Joon has his face distorted by a fist, expressionlessly showing his dissatisfaction and rage, he gives off a masculine charm.

In addition, fundamentalist Hee Yeol who emphasizes theory expresses his unjust mood through his heavy grown as his ear is being grabbed, giving us the idea that although comical his personality is sloppy.

The short words ‘Ah! Shi-!’ added on the wall portrays the different charms and personalities of the two, doubly increasing curiosity on how the investigation of the two running about wildly will unfold. Like this the revealed main poster that is full of the young and unique youthful combination’s charm has raised anticipations and the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ with differentiated charm will grab audience’s hard in the cinemas this upcoming summer.

Meanwhile, the release date has been set and the sensible visuals of the main poster have amplified curiosity to which the audience can check out the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ on August 9th.


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