‘I Love You,’ Kang Ha Neul Tells His Buddy Kim Woo Bin And Rallies Him To Get Better

After learning of the shocking news that his good friend and fellow actor was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called nasapharyngeal cancer, Kang Ha Neul immediately reached out to Woo Bin with a heartfelt post. Using an image from the American film “Free Willy” the actor poured out his heart and told his friend how much he was loved.

According to a report by Soompi, Kang Ha Naul shared that he knew of his friend’s diagnosis before his management, Sidus HQ made the official announcement the other day. However, since it was already out in the open, he used his post to ask the fans and supporters of Kim Woo Bin to pray hard for his buddy to become better.

“They say that if you genuinely have a clear heart and good intentions, you can create a miracle,” Kang Ha Neul said to Kim Woo Bin’s supporters. “I ask that you encourage my friend and request that you say things with a warm heart and kind intentions.”

Through his Instagram post, Kang Ha Neul also expressed regret that even though they have both promised to spend more time together, they have often not made it happen because of their busy schedules. He said that he is proud of Kim Woo Bin for staying positive despite the major challenge that he has been handed and told his friend that he hopes he gets to keep his smile throughout the ordeal.

While it is rare for guys to tell each other “I Love You,” even more so in public, Kang Ha Neul felt no compulsion to hold back and directly told Kim Woo Bin how much his friend meant to him. “Woo Bin, I love you. Hang in there. Let’s continue to smile.”

Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul have maintained their close friendship which started when the two actors starred on the Korean drama “The Heirs.” They got even closer when they filmed for the movie “Twenty” together.

By Choi Ahn Jie

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