Heart and Hearts Korean Film Week in Tokyo and Osaka in July

The film festival to show recent Korean movies and not-yet-released films in Japan will be held in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. From July 22nd, four local films will be screened at Heart and Hearts Korean Film Week in Cinemart Shinjuku in Tokyo and Cinemart Shinsaibashi in Osaka. The lineup was selected under the theme of ‘connection with human and human, heart and heart’.


The first film of the lineup is DONGJU; The Portrait of A Poet (2016) by King And The Clown’s director LEE Joon-ik. The film is about poet YOON Dong-ju’s life who was tragically killed while he was in the prison during the Japanese colonization period. The film starred young actor KANG Ha-neul who has gained attention in many films including New Trial. In addition, director KANG Je-kyu will meet Japanese audiences through Awaiting (2014). He is well known for his previous films, Swiri (1999) and TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War (2004) in Japan. Awaiting is a sad love story about two lovers who live away in North and South due to Korean War.


Unlike the two films about Korean tragic history, E J-yong’s The Bacchus Lady (2016) depicts lonely present of elders in Korea with the aging population. Besides, director ZHANG Lu’s A Quiet Dream (2016), who used to be a Chinese writer of Korean descent, portrays daily lives of young men living in Korea through the eyes of outsider. The film opened last year’s Busan International Film Festival.


Heart and Hearts Korean Film Week will be run in other cities across Japan following the fests in Tokyo and Osaka.


Written by: CHO Meanjune
Source: KOBIZ

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