Seo Shin Ae talks on the phone with her ultimate ideal type Kang Ha Neul on ‘Life Bar’

Seo Shin Ae got to talk with her ideal type on ‘Life Bar’!

The actress has continuously named Kang Ha Neul as her ultimate ideal type. On the March 9 episode of ‘Life Bar’, Seo Shin Ae once again picked Kang Ha Neul as her ideal man and expressed her love for the actor.

MC Kim Jun Hyun then called Kang Ha Neul to give Seo Shin Ae a chance to talk to him. She shrieked in excitement and carried on the heart pounding conversation.

Kang Ha Neul kindly responded to Seo Shin Ae and revealed that he was aware of her love for him. At the end, he insisted that they keep in touch.

What a lucky fan!

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