Director Jang Hang-joon’s new movie ‘Recall the Night’ started shooting, Kang Ha-neul & Kim Mu-yeol casting confirmed

Kiwi Media Group invested movie “Recall the Night” (working title)  has confirmed the cast of Kang Ha-neul, Kim Moo-yeol, Moon Sung-keun and Na Young-hee and started filming on March 11th.

“Recall the Night” is director Jang Hang-joon’s first movie in 9 years. It is a thriller movie about two brothers. Older brother Yoo-seok lost his memory after being kidnapped for 19 days, and his younger brother Jin-seok chases the hidden truth about his older brother.

Director Jang Hang-joon has been spotlighted with his creative and sensuous ability through his movie “Break Out”  and TV drama  “Sign”. He has entered film industry as a scenario writer of movie “The Adventures of Mrs. Park”, and been working as an editor of “Ghost House” and “A Hard Day”.

Kang Ha-neul who showed much more of his acting range through movie  “DongJu; The Portrait of a Poet”  and  “New Trial”, plays the younger brother Jin-seok at the movie  “Recall the Night”. Kim Moo-yeol plays Yoo-seok, a perfect older brother who is admired by his younger brother Jin-seok. Kim Moo-yeol has been recognized his acting through various musicals and movies such as “Northern Limit Line” and “Eungyo”.

On the top of this, joining of veteran actor Moon Sung-keun, and actress Na Young-hee with Korea’s representative movie staff of “War of Arrows”, “Confession of Murder”, “A Hard Day”  and “Tunnel”, makes people looking forward to see well-made thriller movie.

On March 11th, after the first shooting, director Jang Hang-joon said, “I would like to make an interesting genre movie with the excellent actors and staffs”. Actor Kang Ha-neul who plays Jin-seok said, “When I read the scenario for the first time, I had desire to put this movie into my filmography”. Kim Moo-yeol, who plays Yoo-seok said “I thought filming with director Jang Hang-joon would be a lot of fun because I felt like we are on the same wavelength. I will do my best to make a movie that will be deeply embedded in the people’s minds.

Recall the Night  is a new style of thriller movie with exciting story, will be released in late 2017.

Billy Acumen, president of movie department of Kiwi Media Group, said “Director Jang Hang-joon and actors Kang Ha-neul and Kim Moo-yeol who can bring out the trust of audience with their names, have gathered. Since  “Recall the Night”  brought a lot of attention as the most anticipated movie in 2017, I will support them to make great movie successfully”.

Meanwhile, Kiwi Media Group is aggressively promoting the movie business with the aim of releasing three movies in this year including “Recall the Night”. The film starring Cho Jin-woong and Song Seung-heon  “Man of Will”  has finished its filming and is set to release soon. “Criminal City”  starring Ma Dong-seok and Yoon Kye-sang has started filming on the 27th.


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