Kang Ha Neul and Lee Som deny they had offscreen chemistry

Actors Kang Ha Neul and Lee Som clarified that the two had a romantic relationship of some sort.

On February 17, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Som appeared on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope radio show. DJ Kim Shin Young made a comment about the two, saying, “It seems like there really is something between you two,” and asked, “Don’t actors feel like they are really in love when they’re shooting? Did you snap out of it yet?”

Lee Som answered, “With Ha Neul, I feel more like a friend,” and Kang Ha Neul also added while chuckling, “We weren’t even that deep in love during the shoot either.”

It looks like their chemistry in the new movie ‘Like for Likes’ didn’t translate offscreen!


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