Scarlet Heart Ryeo Dominates TV Ratings In Malaysia, Singapore

Scarlet Heart Ryeo has achieved yet another feat with its TV ratings. New reports suggest that the show has won hearts among audience in Malaysia and Singapore. After China, these are the two countries that have been swept by the Scarlet Heart fever.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo recorded a 70% share of timeslot among four Korean entertainment channels in Malaysia and Singapore. This clearly indicates that the love for this Korean Drama is breaking boundaries. The show is a Korean adaptation of a Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin written by Tong Hua.

Before the Korean version of this SBS drama, there was already a Chinese version which was immensely popular, reported HelloKPop. However, the Korean show seems to be more popular with even China watching and making it the most popular show. China’s website Youku revealed that it has receives a billion hits for the show.

The cast of Scarlet Heart Ryeo includes Lee Joon Gi, Lee Ji-Eun (aka IU) and Kang Ha Neul. The character of Prince Wang So and Hae Soo have struck the right chords with the audience. In the beginning, female protagonist IU had to face a lot of criticism for her acting but it looks like the singer cum actress persevered and proved her mettle.

The cast of SBS drama also includes Baekhyun, member of the popular band, EXO. Baekhyun is the energizer bunny on the sets as revealed by Lee Joon Gi. In stiff competition with the show is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds which seems to be doing really well in home audience but not that great amongst the international audience.

Currently, fans are waiting for the eleventh episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo to air, which will hit the screens on Sept. 27. All the episodes of the show have been bringing in decent ratings even in South Korea. The male lead of Scarlet Heart Ryeo Lee Joon Gi thanked the fans of China for a billion views and also expressed his gratitude to fans who have been supporting and watching the show.

By Ancy John


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