Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ star Kang Ha Neul talks boy-next-door image, teases Lee Joon Gi prince-like qualities

Kang Ha Neul is a South Korean actor who starred in several TV dramas and musical stage plays. (Photo : YouTube/Arirang K-pop)

Kang Ha Neul is just one of the cast members from the star-studded new historical drama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.” In a recent fan event, he shared his thoughts on his image versus that of the character that he portrays, as well as a few interesting details about his co-star Lee Joon Gi.

The South Korean actor held a series of events in Singapore where he interacted with some of his fans in meet-and-greet sessions held on Aug. 26 and Aug. 27, Yahoo reported. In an interview during the said events, he commented that his real life image is very different from his “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” character, Prince Wang Wook.

He stated that the said character has an “elite princely image” and how Prince Wook can be very serious at times. When compared against the actor’s real life image, Kang would be more approachable and “very ordinary.” The “Misaeng” star added that he has more of a boy-next-door vibe that is very different from his SBS drama role. “I think you might get shocked at the differences if you really get to know me,” he said.

Kang also made mention of his co-star Lee, who portrays the fourth prince Wang So in the SBS drama. He applauded the actor’s good looks that he described fits a prince’s image. Kang commented on Lee’s professionalism, acting experience, as well as the love and attention that he gets from avid fans. It appears that Lee’s fans have sent a food treat to the drama’s filming location to show their support.

Meanwhile, Lee teased of his jealousy towards Kang’s character in a previous Naver V Live interview that aired on Aug. 16, allkpop reported. Kang’s Prince Wook has a love line with IU’s Hae Soo in initial episodes of the SBS drama. However, the said love line will eventually turn into a love triangle between Kang, IU and Lee’s characters.

Lee shared that he was jealous of Wook and Hae Soo’s romance. The actor added that Prince So and Prince Wook has a civil relationship at the beginning of the drama. Although So’s growing affection for Hae Soo will affect their bond. The two princes will become at odds with each other given their love triangle with IU’s Hae Soo.

By Robie Ferrer

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