Kang Ha-Neul admits he is a big fan of ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ co-star Lee Joon Gi

Kang Ha Neul and IU star in the SBS drama 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.' (Photo : YouTube/Lee-Joon-Gi)

South Korean actor Kang Ha Neul just revealed that he is a big fan of “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” co-star Lee Joon Gi. In a recent interview, the 26-year-old actor talked about his experiences filming the historical drama.

SBS’ “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” just reached the halfway mark after its tenth episode aired on Sept. 26, Monday. To celebrate the halfway mark, SBS has released an interview with Kang, who portrays the gentle and sweet eighth prince, Wang Wook.

“I’ve been a fan of Lee Joon-gi since I was young and he’s an actor I really look up to,” Kang said in a statement obtained by The Kpop Herald. “It was just a great joy to work beside him.”
“The Heirs” actor then revealed he got Lee’s number through his agency and contacted him respectfully. Kang candidly added that he was surprised that the “Scholar Who Walks the Night” actor was glad that he got his number and contacted him like a stalker.

Kang also spilled some beans about getting to know Lee Ji-Eun, also known as IU. Since he only knew her through music, the actor thought that it would be a bit hard to break the ice.
“But she has such a great personality and we just naturally kicked it off,” Kang explained. “We’re also in a similar age group so it was easy relating to each other.”

Kang also discussed the inspiration behind his character’s thoughts on arranged marriages, family expectations and falling in love with Hae-Soo (IU) in the drama. He said that “reasoning” is a conclusive factor in completely immersing himself into the role of Wang Wook.

Kang revealed that he always place himself in Wang Wook’s shoes and envisioned himself under his character’s pressures to justify the reasons behind his behavior and actions. The reason for an arranged marriage, the reason behind falling in love with Hae-Soo and later the explanation behind his changed in character.

Since there are only 10 episodes left, Kang encouraged viewers to keep on watching “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.” He teased that the next ten episodes of the SBS historical drama will be even more excruciating and dramatic than the first half.

Meanwhile, SBS just confirmed that the historical drama will not be extended and will only air 20-episode as initially planned, according to local newsoutlet OSEN, as cited by Koogle TV. Nonetheless, the network has yet to figure out whether the finale episode will air on Oct. 31 as originally planned or a week earlier on Oct. 25.

By Maolen E.

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