Director Jang Hang Jun come back with the thriller movie “Recall of Night”

The director Jang Hang Jun come back with the thriller movie, “Recall of Night (working title)” next year.

He debuts on 2002 with the movie “Break Out” and “Spring Breeze” on 2003 and TV series “Sign” on 2011. Also he participates in the scenario works for TV series “The King of Drama” on 2012. Recently he adapts the comics for the movie “A Hard Day” on 2013 but finally he come back as the director after 8 years.

His resolution towards to the movie is high. He writes the script of the movie as well and the insiders already expect to see the movie.

The director Jang Hang Jun said that this is his first time to direct the thriller genre and he will take over the movie like beginner’s mind. He appears on many of variety program such as “Infinite Challenge” and “Happy Together 3” and give funny impression most of the time. However, director Jang Hang Jun said that he will get back his reputation as the film director through this movie.

The movie “Recall of Night” is about the two brothers who lost his memories from the kidnap when he was young. They are chasing the truth and their lost memories so two brothers can resolves the conflict. This mystery thriller composes elaborated story and tension to an audience. The movie “Recall of night” will be released on 2017.


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