Yoo Ah-in’s ‘Like for Likes” to be released in US soon

Stars for "Like for Likes" / Korea Times file

A Korean film starring top stars including heartthrobs Yoo Ah-in and Kang Ha-neul, and veteran actors Choi Ji-woo, Kim Joo-hyuk and Lee Mi-yeon will open in theaters across the United States later this month.

The movie titled “Like for Likes” is about three couples — Yoo Ah-in and Lee Mi-yeon; Kim Joo-hyuk and Choi Ji-woo; and Kang Ha-neul and Lee Som — who rely on social media to communicate. The film will open in 19 North American cities including Los Angeles on Feb. 26.

Yoo portrays a K-pop star who is the love interest of Lee, a notorious screenwriter; Choi plays an “old maid” flight attendant while Kim Joo-hyuk a chef: Kang plays a composer who has never dated in his life and Lee a television producer who refers to herself as an “expert on dating.”
By Kim Ji-soo

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