Team ‘Youth over Flowers’ to Wrap up the Journey in Iceland

The four travelers of tvN ‘Youth over Flowers’ are up against a snow wall caused by the record-breaking heavy show in 78 years in Iceland.

Its staffs disclosed a photo of producer Na Young Seok digging out his car covered by the heavy snow fall. It vividly portrayed the crisis.

On the upcoming episode on February 5 at 9:45pm KST, ‘Four Stones’, the program’s four casts Jung Sang Hoon, Cho Jung Suk, Jung Woo and Kang Ha Neul, will spend their last day of the dreamy trip.

How Four Stones will get over the situation, which was enough to pause the whole schedule, will be the major issue of the episode.

The young guys will tour around Reykjavik, a town full of fairy-tale landscape. They will part into individuals and take a camera with them to explore the town freely. They will spend time doing small things such as taking selfies and eating hotdogs, the food that provided lots of good memories during their journey. Moreover, they will finally use their allowance which they frugally saved up throughout their time in Iceland.

The four guys will share genuine thoughts on the meaning of a travel and the value of their youth. They will complete their story with heart-warming remarks for each other, who have been continuing the same career for ten years.

Meanwhile, a director’s cut of tvN ‘Youth over Flowers in Iceland’ will air on February 12 on 9:45pm KST to deliver unseen episodes of the journey.


By Kim Young Shin


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