Kang Ha Neul, an Actor of Infinite Possibilities

Actor Kang Ha Neul displayed the term ‘youth’ with his blood. He depicted two different characters: poet Yoon Dong Ju and Lee Suho from Like for Likes in two different films perfectly.

Recently, bntnews met Kang Ha Neul at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul due to his movies Dong Ju and Like for Likes.

Dong Ju depicted a story of two friends or rivals poet Yoon Dong Ju and fighter for independence Song Mong Kyu (Park Jung Min) during the Japanese colonial era when names, languages and dreams were not allowed.

Previously, Kang Ha Neul took a role of Yoon Hyung Ju who is a cousin of Yoon Jong Ju from his movie C’est Si Bon and made a relationship with the poet. However, he couldn’t let down the burdens from the beginning to the end while filming the movie as he had to play the role of Yoon Dong Ju.

“I’m a big fan of Yoon Dong Ju, so I was excited about a film about him. I thought it would be good if I take a role in it. However, once I got chosen, it drove me crazy. My expectations and excitement changed into overwhelming and worries.”

“I was thinking to run away or disappear, so I didn’t say ‘I put down my burdens’ until the end of filming it. No matter what crazy things I did, the burdens never went away, so I thought about what would be the wisest thing to do, which was just to hold it.”

Dong Ju treated Yoon Dong Ju’s life story as well as it was focused on his lifetime friend, family, rival and stimulator Song Mong Kyu. While Yoon Dong Ju had outstanding outcomes, Song Mong Kyu had outstanding processes. The two people’s story goes on in black and white film strongly, but calmly.

He kept trying new challenges for the film as he shaved his head, learned Japanese and dialect. He had many conversations with Lee Joon Ik and tried his best to drag out his similar sides with Yoon Dong Ju.

“When I act, I try my best to find a side similar to my role. I thought of self-reflection, shy and looking at myself as a third person when I played Yoon Dong Ju and that was the point of contact. I don’t do it as much as the poet did, but I tend to look back at myself and think.”

“The best lesson that I learned from the director was ‘When you put an intention, it is a different way of violence’. Same goes to when acting. The mass public sees Yoon Dong Ju as a resistant poet or fighter for independence. I tried my best not to contain the intention of acting and I thought not to throw away Yoon Dong Ju’s straight side.”

Dong Ju is a low budget movie that filmed for 19 times. However, just like what Kang Ha Neul said during the press conference session “The movie is valuable as much as 500 million dollars”, he poured his everything during the short period of time. As much as this, the actors and staffs put their efforts to focus on it.

“Some pieces cost much, but no hearts are in them. Some people expressed that we were stranded, but all the staffs and casts hugged each other. Although the budget was low, our affection to it was over any other Hollywood films. I was so happy.”

Kang Ha Neul will meet the audiences through Like for Likes as well as Dong Ju. Kang Ha Neul plays the role of genius composer Lee Suho who is a deaf. Although the character isn’t energetic as much as he is, senses of the first love come charmingly. Moreover, Kang Ha Neul also joined in drama Scarlet Heart. His youth is shining since he visits the mass public along his way without a break, and the process of his youth seems even more outstanding as his efforts are proven.

[Translated by Woorim Ahn]

Photo credit: bntnews DB


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