Kang Ha Neul steals hearts during first-ever visit in Singapore

Rising Hallyu actor Kang Ha Neul made his first trip down to Singapore last weekend for Kang Ha Neul’s 1st Showcase in Singapore held at Plaza Singapura, and then for Kang Ha Neul Meet & Greet in conjunction with Korean Film Festival held at Shaw Lido, which both took place on 31st October 2015.

Even before the charming actor got on the stage for his showcase, Kang Ha Neul was already waving and posing with the peace sign to the fans present. The showcase began with Kang Ha Neul performing “Three Things I Have Left” from Angel Eyes OST, showing everyone his versatile yet talented side as a singer.

Besides acting, Kang Ha Neul loves singing as well and he often practises singing at home. However, he treats singing as a hobby and does not have any plan to release an album, wanting to focus more on acting for now.



As it was Kang Ha Neul’s first time in Singapore, he was very surprised and happy to see so many fans here to welcome him. 5 lucky fans were also chosen to go up on stage to play a guess-the-song game with him, where they sang/hummed the songs while the actor had to guess what the Korean songs were.

The game session was followed with a short media conference where the actor answered questions from the media. If Kang Ha Neul could choose someone to work with, he would like to meet Jim Carrey one day. Also, he would love to act with fellow Twenty co-stars, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Junho again if given the opportunity. As an avid fan of coffee (now you know what fan gifts to give him!), Kang Ha Neul would love to film a coffee CF!


And why does Kang Ha Neul like posing with the peace sign for photos? His answer was that he would feel awkward if he did not pose and hence the constant ^^v poses!

Kang Ha Neul concluded the showcase with a MR removed rendition of “I Will Love You” from Monstar OST, capturing the hearts of fans present.


For fans that had purchased passes for Kang Ha Neul Meet & Greet in conjunction with Korean Film Festival, they got to enjoy the screening of Twenty, with Kang Ha Neul himself sitting in the cinema watching together with everyone!


Before the movie screening, photo pass holders got to take group photos and each received a pre-signed poster from the ever-so-smiley actor himself!

As the movie gave people lots of laughter and joy in Korea, he hoped it will be the same with the Singapore viewers – and indeed it did, as people were roaring with laughter especially during the hilarious scenes in the movie.
Article and photographs by Zhen Zhen



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