‘Twenty’ Actor Kang Ha Neul on His Love For Theater and the Friendships Made With Other Celebrities Due to His Projects

Being involved in movie projects and plays, for an actor or actress benefits them in more ways than one. Aside from having more opportunities to grow and improve in their craft, more often than not, one comes out of the experience with a group of wonderful friends, whom one has grown fond of, due to the sheer amount of time spent working together. This, it seems, is also the case for rising actor Kang Ha Neul, who, despite a busy work schedule, still manages to hang out with cast mates that he has grown close to in his various projects, while continuing to hone his craft as an actor through varied projects. Read on to learn more about this story.

“Twenty” actor Kang Ha Neul’s star is definitely on the rise, with a slew of varied projects under his belt, and with more coming his way.

However, the versatile actor, despite his many projects, still manages to find some time to hang out with other actors who have become his close friends over the years thanks to the many projects that he has been involved in.

According to a report on Soompi, Kang, when asked about his memories of being a twenty year old during the Busan International Film Festival, where his new film, “Twenty”, is being shown, mentioned that he still takes time to hang out with several of his castmates from the Korean production of “Spring Awakening”, where he portrayed the character of Ernst from 2009 to 2010, who are all equally busy and famous in their own right.

This interesting circle of friends from the 2009 to 2010 production of “Spring Awakening” includes Joo Woon, Jo Jung Suk, and Kim Moo Yeol.

Kang then reminisced on the fact that they performed together for several months. Since they were not that rich at that time, they would often go out after performing and grab a bite to eat and something to drink at the nearby market.

Now, they are still really close and still do meet with each other, but Kang recognizes that these older actors are also quite busy with their own projects.

As for himself, he doesn’t think that he is a star compared to the other three and mentioned that their fans do want to see them perform together again someday.

However, Kang Ha Neul, by himself, according to All K Pop, did return to his theatrical roots as he portrayed Harold in “Harold & Maude” which opened on Jan. 9, 2015.

With regards to why he returned to his roots, he stated that his return to theater was due to the fact that he wanted to learn more again about his craft, and for him, all of that happens when he does a theatrical production.

However, Kim Moo Yeol, Jo Jung Suk and Joo Woon aren’t the only celebrity friends that the actor has. K-Drama Stars reported that he and his “Twenty” co-stars, Junho and Kim Woo Bin became really good friends due to the sheer amount of time they spent together filming “Twenty” and due to the fact that the three often improvised scenes together while doing the film.

What do you think of Kang Ha Neul as an actor and as a friend? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And that was all on Kang Ha Neul, his theatrical roots, his love of theater, and on the friends he ended up gaining thanks to the various projects he had been involved in.

By Kitin Miranda


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