‘Missing Noir M’ Kang Ha-neul informs Kim Kang-woo his guess was wrong

The April 4th show of OCN’s ‘Missing Noir M’ aired “Puzzles from Prison part 2”

Lee Jeongsoo (Kang Ha-neul) a prisoner sentenced to death penalty, who killed four men, requested Gil Soo-hyeon (Kim Kang-woo) to find Kang Soonyeong’s killer. Lee Jeongsoo threatened Gil Soo-hyeon that, if Gil Soo-hyeon would not be able to find the killer, then his little sister’s life would be at risk while the little sister was still gone missing.

At this, Gil Soo-hyeon investigated what’s going on behind Kim Seokgyu, who had been in charge of the sex assault case of Kang Soonyeong at the time.

The investigation result showed he had killed Kang Soonyeong for money. Gil Soo-hyeon went to see Lee Jeongsoo and said Kang Soonyeong’s killer was Kim Seokgyu.

Lee Jeongsoo was crying in distress when he was telling Gil Soo-hyeon, “It’s not Kim Seokgyu”. Gil Soo-hyeon got a hint that there was someone else behind Lee Jeongsoo.


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