Kang Ha Neul Transforms Into A Psychopath

A model student in ‘Misaeng,’ Kang Ha Neul does a complete turn into a psychopath for ‘Missing Noir M.’

Anticipated to be a well-made drama in the first half of the year, ‘Missing Noir M,’ Kang Ha Neul will play the part of Lee Jung Soo in the first two episodes. A making video of him on set was released.

In the video, Kang Ha Neul checks every little detail, showing his professionalism. Bowing 90 degrees and greeting everyone on set, as soon as filming started, his gaze changed as he became Lee Jung Soo. Breaking the glass in the frame, turning tables and wrecking furniture, Kang Ha Neul put his all. The director told him, “Be careful of the glass spraying onto your face,” while Kang Ha Neul showed a perfect immersion into character.

According to the producers, Kang Ha Neul’s psychopath acting didn’t stop even during the break times. When asked to take a selfie, Kang Ha Neul smiles innocently into the camera. However, in the making video, he can be seen holding a hammer in one hand.

Meanwhile, to see Kang Ha Neul’s perfect transformation into a psychopath, ‘Missing Noir M’ will start on March 28 at 11 PM KST.


by Sora Ghim

Photos by CJ E&M


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