Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul’s on-stage bromance beat Healer’s PDA

Ji Chang Wook has kissed a guy more times than he has kissed Park Min Young! The handsome Healer star surprised fans around the world when he disclosed that he locked lips with Angel Eyes actor Kang Ha Neul multiple times in the musical Thrill Me in 2010.

During his recent interview on MBC’s Section TV show Entertainment Relay, Ji responded “yes” when asked if he had more kiss scenes with an actor than with his Healer co-star Park Min Young. He added, “We shared deep sensual kisses numerous times.”

Thrill Me is a popular musical based on the true story of a murder in Chicago, Illinois.

What do you think about these kiss scenes? Are you surprised that they outnumbered Healer‘s smooches?

By Shelley M


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