Kim Woo Bin and 2PM′s Junho Get Embarrassed by Kang Ha Neul′s Promotional Shirt for ′Twenty′

Kang Ha Neul revealed why he wore a shirt 2PM member Junho′s fans gave him to an official promo event.

On February 11, the production briefing session for the upcoming movie Twenty took place at the CGV theaters in Apgujeong, where Kang Ha Neul caught attention wearing a 100 percent promotional shirt that read, ′Twenty′ in the front and his character name, ′Kyung Jae′ in the back.

“I actually received this shirt from Junho′s fans while we were filming. But at the time, I couldn′t wear it because I was embarrassed. So I promised to wear it at the production briefing session,” explained Kang Ha Neul. “So I wore it here.”

Seeing his co-star, Kim Woo Bin added, “I honestly didn′t know. I didn′t think he would actually wear it.” He continued, “I saw him in the waiting room earlier, and I was so embarrassed. It felt like I did something wrong wearing the clothes I′m wearing now.”

Junho also shared, “Recently, in our chat room, he said he had something fun planned. I didn′t know it was this.”

Twenty is about a group of 20-year-old friends, marked as the popular one, the strong one and the studious one. The movie will premiere in March.

By: Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung
Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

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