Kang Ha Neul was Called Crazy for Choosing to Act in a Play Amidst Busy Schedule

Kang Ha Neul decorated the cover of the performance culture monthly magazine Scene Playbill.

With memories of Misaeng still lingering in the hearts of many, Kang Ha Neul shared his thoughts on acting out the 19-year-old boy Harold in the play Harold & Maude.

The January issue cover of Scene Playbill, featuring Kang Ha Neul and costar and senior Park Jung Ja, conveys the message of ‘the beautiful communication between a 19-year-old boy and a grandmother.

In the interview, Kang Ha Neul said, “When I said that I will be doing a play during such a busy time, many people asked me if I’m crazy. But I was desperate for something that could hold me down and lead me to the way of learning, at a time when my thirst for learning had increased. And that was a play,” and shared his thoughts on returning to the play stage and determination to pull off all-night practices.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Neul’s comeback play Harold & Maude will begin on January 9 at National Theatre of Korea.

By: Newsen Ha Soo Jung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: Scene Playbill

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