‘Misaeng’ Kang Ha Neul Expresses His Love for ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, Kang Sora and Byun Yo Han

Kang Ha Neul expressed his love for his fellow co-actors on Misaeng.

Having acted as ‘Jang Baek Gi’ on tvN’s Misaeng, Kang Ha Neul recently attended an interview with Newsen and expressed his comradeship with ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, Byun Yo Han and Kang Sora.

Kang Ha Neul previously named Im Si Wan as the actor he would like to work with on a radio program in the beginning of this year. Kang Ha Neul shared on having met Im Si Wan through Misaeng saying, “Everything I knew about Im Si Wan was through the movie The Attorney. But as I met Im Si Wan in real life, I realized that he is a very prudent and serious person. That tends to make a person boring but he was funny too. I thought, ‘This is why Im Si Wan is sought after all the time.’ I learned many things from him as we filmed a drama together.”

Kang Ha Neul named Byun Yo Han as the person he would like to work with one more time. Kang Ha Neul shared, “I was acquainted with Byun Yo Han before I began filming. It was ambiguous to say that we’re close since we weren’t contacting each other but we got very close through Misaeng,” and confessed, “People frequently say that Byun Yo Han has a bright personality and has healthy energy but if you look at him closely in person, he is a bit different. He puts in his efforts in order to brighten up the drama set. I could relate to his personality in that sense.”

Kang Ha Neul added, “What I liked the most about being with Byun Yo Han was that I could talk to him comfortably without having to smile. We shared many conversations where we empathized with each other. So I would really like to work with Byun Yo Han in my next project too.”

Kang Ha Neul explained that he was close to Im Si Wan, Byun Yo Han and Kang Sora during the entire filming period. Kang Ha Neul said, “During episode 1-4, when the four new employees in the drama were still awkward with each other, Kim Won Suk PD advised us not to hang out together. He was afraid that the close relationship between the actors might affect the subtle rivalry between the new employees of One International,” and added, “But we still met. (Secretly) we hung out with each other,” and smiled as he reminisced.

“This is my personal opinion, but the more you have to act out hating each other, the closer you have to be with one another. I think that would allow a better teamwork between the actors,” said Kang Ha Neul. “A relationship doesn’t form when just one personal gives or receives (feelings). So there is a need for intimacy and in order to show good teamwork in acting, you need to get to know each other.”

Gaining further attention through Misaeng, Kang Ha Neul gave an unexpected answer for a commercial he would like to film. He sad, “What I would really like to do is a commercial with all four of us in it,” expressing his comradeship even after the drama ended.

Misaeng, based on the original webtoon series by writer Yoon Tae Ho, is about Jang Geu Rae (Im Si Wan) being thrown into the cold reality called One International, the general trading company. In the drama, Kang Ha Neul joined the company at the same time as Han Suk Yul (Byun Yo Han), Ahn Young E (Kang Sora) and Jang Geu Rae and acted as Jang Geu Rae’s rival.

The final episode of Misaeng, which aired on December 20, showed Oh Sang Sik (Lee Sung Min), Kim Dong Shik (Kim Dae Myung) and Jang Geu Rae leaving One International and building a new company headed by director Kim (Kim Jong Su).

By: Newsen Park Ji Ryun
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: Newsen

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