Kang Ha Neul Buys Heels For Kang So Ra

On the December 13 episode of tvN drama ‘Misaeng,’ Jang Baek Gi (Kang Ha Neul) presented a pair of heels for Ahn Young Yi (Kang So Ra).

The twelfth episode showed Jang Baek Gi passing by a shoe store before something caught his eye and he stared aimlessly at the shoes. This indicated the start of the love line between Baek Gi and Young Yi. The recent 18th episode finally shows Baek Gi buying those shoes. In return for the shirt present, Baek Gi’s face is full of embarrassment as he shyly gives the gift to her.

Young Yi tries on the heels immediately and expresses her thanks. In this scene, viewers can feel a strange aura coming from the two’s relationship as their love line finally starts. However, this mood only lasted a little while before Han Seok Ryul (Byun Yo Han) interrupts the moment, surprising the two.

Kang So Ra’s tidy office look has been an issue after each episode. In the 18th episode, Jang Baek Gi finally presented the shoes to Ahn Young Yi, raising interest to the shoes. The sophisticated design of the shoes goes well with any office look and is from shoe brand SODA.

Meanwhile, ‘Misaeng’ airs every Friday and Saturday.


By Sora Ghim


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