Kang Ha Neul Doesn’t See Kim So Eun as Girl Because They Are Too Close

Kang Ha Neul confessed that he doesn’t see Kim So Eun as a girl because they are too close.

During the July 3 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cinetown, DJ Gong Hyung Jin said, “Kim So Eun had to put on ghost makeup for The Girl’s Grave. Did people around you help you out?”

Kim So Eun said, “No, it wasn’t really like that,” and Kang Ha Neul shouted, “You can’t say it like that,” causing a round of laughter.

Kim So Eun said, “I didn’t mind the ghost makeup and had fun surprising the staff members. I was so comfortable that Kang Ha Neul and the director didn’t have to look after me.”

Kang Ha Neul then said, “Kim So Eun and I are in the same year in school. We’ve been close ever since we started school that I don’t see her as a girl.”

By: Newsen Ha Soo Jung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: SBS Power FM

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