Kang Ha Neul Weighed 100 Kilograms Before Losing Weight with Muay Thai

Kang Ha Neul confessed having benefitted from Thai martial arts, muay Thai.

May 12’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s Rose Television will feature Kang Ha Neul as the special guest, sharing his honest stories.

Having stirred up the hearts of many female fans through SBS’s The Heirs and Angel Eyes, Kang Ha Neul has also been cast in numerous movies, proving his current popularity.

Surprised by his firm body with well-defined muscles, MC Yook Joong Wan asked Kang Ha Neul how he keeps his body in shape.

Kang Ha Neul answered, “Muay Thai helped me a lot. I used to weigh 100 kilograms before but as I dreamed of becoming an actor I went on a diet and learned muay Thai as a way to exercise. Ever since then, I’ve been enjoying practicing muay Thai.”

Yook Joong Wan then curiously said, “I’m also 100 kilograms now and learned taekwondo, but I’m not losing any weight,” and suggested that they do a one on one martial arts match.

But once the match started, Yook Joong Wan quickly gave up upon gettting his buttocks kicked by Kang Ha Neul.

The full story of Kang Ha Neul meeting Rose Motel will be aired on May 12.


Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: MBC Every1

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