‘Angel Eyes’ Nam Ji Hyun Talks About Bungee Jumping with Kang Ha Neul

Nam Ji Hyun revealed the story behind filming Angel Eyes.

In the second episode that was aired on April 6, Nam Ji Hyun was in a romantic couple bungee jumping scene with her co-star Kang Ha Neul.

Nam Ji Hyun said, “Out of all the scenes in Angel Eyes, I remember the bungee jumping scene the most. I wasn’t scared, but after we jumped we kept spinning in the same direction because we had a difference in height and weight. We ended up bungee jumping three times.”

She could’ve disliked filming bungee jumping scene for a drama. When asked if she didn’t like it, she shook off with her hand.

“I had so much fun because it kept spinning. I really wanted to bungee jump at least once and I got the chance through the drama. Ha Neul oppa told me he already tried bungee jumping before. He decided never to bungee jump again, but he had to do it for filming.” (laughter)

Even though Nam Ji Hyun acts out her first love with Kang Ha Neul in the drama, she has never had a serious relationship.

She said, “I was worried because I never experienced first love. I had many questions and doubts as I filmed. I even told the director and writer before filming started, ‘I’m worried that I don’t have any dating experience.’ But the writer and director encouraged me saying, ‘That’s the same situation with ‘Soo Wan.’ They told me first love or just love, love is never fully understandable. So I felt better after.”

Claiming that she was happy as she spun and fell for bungee jumping, Nam Ji Hyun was full of ambition and dream. She picked MBC’s Queen Seon Deok as the most memorable project, which she filmed when she was only 15 years old.

She said, “I’d like to try acting in an action or investigative genre. I would take a role as a CSI agent or a detective. I’m also okay with a cold prosecutor or even a psychopath.” (laughter)


By: Newsen Lee So Yeon
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: Newsen

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