Kang Ha Neul to Transform into a Rebel in Film ‘The Age of Innocence’

Keeping himself busy acting in one project after another, Kang Ha Neul has decided to act in another film.

Kang Ha Neul’s agency, Sem Company, told Newsen on February 12, “Kang Ha Neul will be acting in The Age of Innocence as soon as he finishes filming the horror movie The Girl’s Grave. He’s currently preparing himself for the role.”

Setting Joseon dynasty as the background, The Age of Innocence will tell the story of a woman (Ga Hee), who slowly falls for the man (Min Jae) she approaches for revenge.

Currently, Shin Ha Kyun and Kang Han Na have been asked to take the role of Min Jae and Ga Hee, and Jang Hyuk is in discussion to take the role of Min Jae’s right-handed man.

Kang Ha Neul will be acting as Min Jae’s rebellious son, setting aside his soft image to act out a tough and unsettled character.

The Age of Innocence will be finalizing its casting and start filming in February.


By: Newsen Jo Yeon Kyung
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: Newsen

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