Kang Ha Neul reveals why he chose to play a bad character in upcoming movie ‘Empire of Lust’


Actor Kang Ha Neul, whom most may know from the recent hit ‘The Heirs,’ has chosen to be in new movie ‘Empire of Lust’ and explained his reasons for this decision during media day on February 17.

He said, “Truthfully, the agency was against my appearing in ‘Empire of Lust.’ However, I personally wanted to be the character Jin so much.  It was a role that I definitely wanted to try once.  I did not want to lose this chance.  Filming still has not started yet, but it is a production that I am looking forward to greatly.  I want to try my hand in acting something that is the epitome of underhandedness.

In ‘Empire of Lust,’ Kang Ha Neul will be playing Jin, a malicious and underhanded character.  He will surely surprise the viewers with such a huge transformation!

In addition, he will be in the horror movie ‘Mourning Grave,’ which centers on an outcast girl who dies and borrows a boy’s strength to vent her anger.  This movie will begin filming this month in hopes of premiering in the latter half of the year.


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