‘The Heirs’ Kim Ji Won Got Close to Kang Ha Neul After the Kiss Scene

Kim Ji Won, who recently starred in The Heirs, confessed that filming a kiss scene made her get closer to her co-star Kang Ha Neul.

During an interview done with Newsen after SBS’s The Heirs ended, Kim Ji Won talked about her drama love line with Kang Ha Neul.

In the drama, Kim Ji Won acted as Lee Min Ho’s fiancé, who did mean things throughout the drama, in order to get the attention of her fiancé.

To get Lee Min Ho jealous, Kim Ji Won kissed her school senior, Kang Ha Neul in front of other students, which led to a budding romance between the two.

“The love line was a bit random, but I think for young people, it’s possible for feelings to develop after physical contact,” said Kim Ji Won. “Many people didn’t like how the relationship between ‘Rachel’ and ‘Lee Hyo Shin’ was open-ended, but personally I liked how it ended.”

Kim Ji Won had acted alongside Kang Ha Neul in SBS drama To the Beautiful You, but the two were awkward when they met again for The Heirs since they didn’t film many scenes together before.

So finding out that they had a kiss scene coming up was a bit of a shock.

“We started talking about the kiss scene, asking each other for tips and how to act out the scene. That made us get close to each other,” added Kim Ji Won. “We are similar in that we don’t easily get close to people. But we definitely got close towards the end of the drama.”

About filming the kiss scene, the actress said, “I could feel the others staring at us. Park Shin Hye unni looked on with such a satisfying look, that it made me feel embarrassed. I tried to think of it as just ′work’ since I’ve shot a kiss scene before.”

By: Newsen Kwon Soo Bin
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Photo credit: Newsen

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