Kang Ha Neul Feels like He’s Really Going to School While Filming ‘The Heirs’

Wearing a school uniform and hanging out with people around his age, Kang Ha Neul shared that filming SBS’ The Heirs really makes him feel like a student again.

In a recent interview with fashion magazine InStyle, Kang Ha Neul talked about how it was to film The Heirs as well as why he decided to become an actor.

“[Lee] Min Ho hyung is the oldest. [Park] Shin Hye, [Kim] Woo Bin and I are the same age. Everyone else is younger,” said Kang Ha Neul. “They’re all very nice, and when we’re all together, it’s really fun and exciting. Because it’s a production with people all around the same age, it really feels like I’m going to school.”

On starting out as a theatrical actor, Kang Ha Neul shared that it all began in 8th grade when he became part of the props team at a church play.

From then, he transferred to a performing arts school. “I found out both my parents were theatrical actors, so they became very strong supporters.”

He talked about meeting Hwang Jung Min while he was performing in the play, Thrill Me. “I went to say a short hello, but he later came again and suggested that we work together. Despite agencies telling me that I couldn′t perform, he told me that I could rise to the theatrical and musical stages.”

As his opportunities to become an actor and fame grew, Kang Ha Neul explained that because his real name was Kim Ha Neul, he had to change it because of actress Kim Ha Neul.

“We have the same birthday as well as the Chinese zodiac sign too,” said Kang Ha Neul. “But I loved the name Ha Neul so much that I just changed the last name.”

Remaining humble despite the growing number of fans, Kang Ha Neul revealed that he still uses public transportation. “I’m not a big star yet. Other than the fact that I act, I’m no different from other people.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the December issue.


By: Mwave Grace Danbi Hong
Photo by: Instyle

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