Kang Ha Neul Makes a Move on Choi Jin Hyuk’s Girl on ‘The Heirs’

First it was just Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun in the picture, but now Kang Ha Neul has made a move.

On October 29, Hwa and Dam Pictures released photos of Kang Ha Neul, Im Joo Eun, and Choi Jin Hyuk for SBS’ The Heirs revealing a love triangle in the making.

Two sets of photos were released through the SBS homepage, showing Choi Jin Hyuk dropping Im Joo Eun off at Kang Ha Neul’s house.

I amIn the second set, Kang Ha Neul tries to pull a move on his tutor by leaning in close for a possible kiss.

The scene was filmed on October 18 in Ilsan with the three actors playing around with each other, until the cameras started rolling.

Each actor acted their own characters, as Choi Jin Hyuk became the the CEO, whose cold exterior melts away at the sight of Im Joo Eun. Kang Ha Neul, on the other hand, was the teenage boy with a huge crush on his tutor.

Hwa and Dam Pictures praised the three actors for their emotional exchange during the filming. “Please look forward to this love line as it slowly unfolds.”

The Heirs episode 7 will broadcast on October 30.

By: Mwave Grace Danbi Hong
Photo Credit: Hwa and Dam Pictures

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