Kang Haneul joins You’re My Pet


A newbie’s been added to the manga-adapted movie You’re My Pet, which brings the movie’s Haneul count to two: First Kim Haneul and now Kang Haneul. (Not to mention Jang Geun-seok, of course.)

Kang Haneul plays a musical actor, Young-soo, who’s friends with leading man In-ho (Jang Geun-seok) and also acts as his romance coach. Hm, I wonder how he’ll seem like the experienced one when he’s years younger than Jang (he’s 21) and still has his baby face. Maybe that’ll be part of the funny.

Kang’s also got a bit of musical experience (he’s performed in productions of Thrill Me, Spring Awakening, Carpe Diem, and La Vida), so the movie’ll give him a chance to show off some of his singing.

But really, the bigger question this news raises is: They’re still casting??? This movie was announced ages ago (more than a year back) and then stalled for months with no updates. Then Kim Haneul was cast and news resumed this March, so I’d presumed they’d be chugging right along. Eep! Let’s hope the production jumps into high gear when it (finally!) begins principal photography this month.

Kang called You’re My Pet “an entertaining, warm movie that anybody who’s in love will be able to relate to. Since I’m playing such a bright, lively character, I’ll do my best to be an energizing force in this romantic comedy.”

You’re My Pet features a beautiful, competent careerwoman who unfortunately lacks that same capable spirit in her personal relationships, who “adopts” a classical ballet dancer (Jang) as a pet, and follows the friendship that develops between them. I’m dubious about the plot, but Jang Geun-seok pouring on the cute, falling for his noona, dancing, and flinging his gloriously lustrous locks around like he’s some Pantene model? (“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”) It’s either going to be cringe-inducingly awful, or some kinda awesome.

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